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10 questions to our CEO Matthias Hammar

Starting at the beginning of this year, Minnovation has set sail with a new visionary and experienced captain at its helm – Matthias Hammar.

We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with him for a brief interview to gain insights into his expectations for the company, his perspectives on industry trends, and his leadership style as CEO.

Don’t miss this opportunity to meet our unique leader and discover the future of HR services!


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What to think about when relocating for a job?

Relocating for a new job can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. In this article, we discuss what relocating for a job can include, how Minnovation assists throughout the process, and share some helpful tips for the best relocating and integrating experience. 

There are many reasons for relocating for work to a new city or country – a new job, lifestyle improvements, or change of career – and as the pandemic begins to decline, work relocations continue to further increase

Research shows that some of the most common industries to relocate for are health, industrialization, and tech, with nurses, engineers, and software engineers as popular positions. But relocating can be difficult. In a recent survey, it was revealed that the two most challenging factors of relocating for a new job were finding a new home and getting acclimated to the new community. 

Regardless of the reason for relocating or challenges ahead, there’s one key factor to keep in mind to make the experience as good as possible: being well-prepared. 

Relocation assistance with Minnovation

At Minnovation, we know how important it is to feel comfortable in a new home to feel comfortable at a new workplace. We take integration in society seriously, see it as a business-critical investment, and know that when we succeed with that, our business will be sustainable in the long run. For candidates, this means that we, for example, help establish a new or temporary home address and contact with authorities, municipalities, schools, and other local networks – all from the very start to enable a quick entry into society. Picture us as your support function between for institutions and companies you want and need to get in contact with. 

For companies, we provide a sustainable supply chain of recruitment and staffing, for example, by using fast-track-to-work permits to make the process as smooth as possible. We recruit with a focus on creating a sense of mutual belonging in our society and establish collaborations that enable relocations contributing to municipalities’ increased population and long-term growth. 

4 things to think about when relocating for a job

When searching for a new job, it can be exciting to think about the benefits and future it could bring for you and your family. And to make the relocation as smooth as possible, there are four things to consider: 

  • Prepare your documents 

When being in the process of relocating for a job, especially if it’s to a new country, it’s essential to have all the papers and documents in place. Hopefully, your new employer can help ease the transition, for example, by providing VISA assistance. At Minnovation, we manage the entire VISA process and have close relations with the Swedish Migration Agency to make the experience as good as possible for both candidates and companies.

  • Research your new home

As soon as you know where you’ll be moving, start searching online for different things concerning your new destination. It can be about trivial things, such as the most popular restaurants in the area, or more crucial things, such as how the school systems work – but nevertheless, it will make your new hometown a bit more familiar.  

  • Build a network in your new hometown

Becoming part of society is important when moving to a new place. Here, Minnovation’s collaboration with Expats & Friends is a good example for those moving to Skellefteå. Try finding similar local meeting forums in your new hometown, so the transition hopefully will provide you with new acquaintances and friends. 

  • Language studies

If the move has been to a new country where the language is unfamiliar, take some time to learn the essential words and phrases. If you want to take it one step further, a language course can be an excellent way to find new friends and get familiar with the culture. At Minnovation, we live after the commitment to a sustainable process of recruiting, relocating, and integrating. We are also committed to good staffing agreements, which includes collective agreements and occupational pension. 


 Contact us for further discussion if you’re interested in how we can help you. 


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Relocation Success - how to assist employees with integration

Relocation Success: 4 ways companies can assist employees with integration


Integration assistance is at the core of successful recruitment and relocation, as it benefits both employees, companies and societies in the long run. Here, we’ve gathered an overview and some tips on what companies can do to achieve a successful integration assistance process.

Companies are increasingly relying on bringing in and retaining expert workers from other cities and countries. From ensuring long-term success to simply filling a worker gap, the global mobility industry shows no sign of slowing down with 3 of 5 workers willing to relocate for work

However, relocating for work can be a challenging and overwhelming experience for employees. In addition to the stress of finding a new home and adjusting to a new environment, they may also face cultural differences and struggles to build a new support system. Here, integration assistance plays a central part in successful relocations and employee retention. 

What is integration assistance? 

Integration assistance is the strategy and resources implemented for a positive transition into a new community. It addresses the needs of both the employee and potential family members from a practical, social, and professional perspective during a relocation, often after the move has been completed. In general, it doesn’t just help the candidate experience but also comes with several business benefits: candidates with a smooth integration experience can contribute and be productive more quickly at work after a move, and are more likely to have a positive impact on the organization’s culture and overall mission. In fact, 73% of employees are more productive at work thanks to integration assistance.

How companies can achieve successful integration assistance 

Companies that provide their employees with effective integration assistance can help ease the transition and ensure their employees’ success in their new location. Here are four things companies can do to assist with the integration process:

  • Facilitate cultural integration

Understanding and joining a culture is easier said than done, but a good way to start is through language. Even though the local language is not commonly used in the workplace, it’s still key when understanding a culture. At Minnovation, we offer the ability for candidates to combine work with language studies, so the integration process runs smoothly.

  • Connect employees with local resources 

Employees who have recently relocated may not be familiar with the area and may have difficulty finding resources such as doctors, banks, and supermarkets. Companies can assist their employees by connecting them with local resources or providing them with a list of recommended service providers, saving a lot of time and stress. Minnovation collaborates with Expats & Friends, a non-profit organization in Skellefteå, creating opportunities for both new and old locals to meet and connect.

  • Support the transition of families

Relocating for work can be difficult not just for the employee but also for their family. One of the most common reasons for an employee not wanting to relocate is due to family, showing how important it is for companies to truly take care of an employee’s family.

Activating partners and providing schooling solutions for children are two of the most important parts of taking care of families. Additionally, companies can also organize events and activities that allow families to meet and connect with other families who have relocated.

  • Offering a long-term perspective

Relocating for a job often means a lot for the employee, and a long-term focus is therefore of high importance. Create the conditions needed for thriving and developing, both at work and outside work, for the employees and accompanying families. 

Feeling safe, happy and welcomed are the pillars of an effective integration process, and something every company should focus on – regardless of how far the transfer has been. At Minnovation, we take integration in society seriously and see it as a business-critical investment; when we succeed with that, our business will be even more sustainable in the long run. Read more about our integration process here.

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Question session with international employee

Minnovation in Skellefteå had the opportunity to interview one of our employees who came to a wintry and cold northern Sweden in february 2021. How a relocation can be to northern Swedens climate from Turkey in the middle of the winter - in a pandemic.

Due to GDPR we will not print our employees name.

Question session:

How long have you been working for Minnovation in Sweden? 

- Since February in 2021, so almost two years in Skellefteå municipality.

What was it like start working in Sweden as a country? 

-  When i arrived to Sweden 2021 it was in the middle of the pandemic, so that was quite difficult. Today its easier.

What has been difficult with all the authorites? 

- Due to the Ukraine situation it has been to obtaining the second work permit, as Minnovation helped me with.

How has Minnovation worked as a support function in the new country? 

- When needed they have supported me well. Most recently Minnovation in Skellefteå helped me reopen my bank account that the bank had blocked, at first the bank told me to send an letter to Stockholm and this was on a friday. But Minnovation followed me to the bank resolved the situation for me. Very appreciated.

Do you like the nordic winter with the nordic lights? 

- Yes i really do, Unfortunately i was nog lucky enough to see full nordic lights despite spending three winters

What is the best thing with Minnovation? 

  • Providing needed documents, visa ( work permit ) and support function when needed.

Would you recommend others to work together with Minnovation? 

Yes, I do recommend others this opportunity




If you are interested in which work opportunities Minnovation can offer you, 

register your candidate profile at this link and we will contact you when we have something that matches your profile.



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Clear integration is essential for long-term growth

Integration are the essential cornerstones of Minnovation's business concept, says founder and Group President Min Li-Danielsson. We recruit staff from whole Asia and European countries both with national and international competencies.

It is important that new employees feel at home here and not only for the individual, but also for the long-term perspective of the company and the entire industry. Therefore, we provide what we call an "all inclusive" package for those we recruit here, i.e. international specialists with expertise that is currently lacking in Sweden. We help them with all conditions, school places, at doctor's appointments, activities where you can make friends et c. To a greater extent we want them to feel part of our society.

She is originally from China and has a career spanning over 20 years with managerial HR roles in large international companies. Competence combined with contacts in Asia sparked the idea that the international recruitment work could be made more efficient. Minnovations development has exceeded expectations with a team that really lives up to expectations.

Above you can see when Min Li- Danielsson awarded the prize as Supergazelle of Sweden 2022 in december together with CEO of Minnovation and minister of integration Johan Pehrson from the Swedish government.




Photo: Oscar Olsson

Dagens industri Gasell 2022 Minnovation International Peter Aberg CEO News 2

Winner of Dagens industri's annual growth award – we are very proud!

It's fantastic! We have been named Sweden's fastest growing company and have been awarded the Supergazell of the Year award by Dagens industri. Our CEO Peter Åberg summarizes below why we have succeeded so well as a recruitment and staffing company, plus how Minnovation's sustainable business model creates the greatest possible value for both the company and the customers.

We have increased our sales by over 2500% in the last 4 years and this year we are doubling our sales. Achieving exceptional results requires courage, intensive planning, leadership and team development along with clear financial goals. Through the power of elaborate sustainable recruitment services, Minnovation contributes to a sustainable future. We are contacted by customers all over the world, many of whom are large industrial companies.

As CEO, I am proud to lead Minnovation's team with a strong focus on clear leadership, sales, quality development and profitability. Getting different cultures in the company to work together is a big step for success where the success of the team is the key to profitability.

We work hard with our recruitment and staffing services in Minnovation. Minnovation's business model is to sustainably create the greatest possible value in the company and for our customers. This is achieved with responsible personnel management and resource efficiency. We have a developed code of conduct which:

Responsibility: where we take responsibility for each other, future generations and nature. When we take responsibility, learn more and have fun, we do a better job.

Excellence: We always strive to exceed expectations, by improving ourselves, our products and our services to create a sustainably profitable and renewable future.

Respect: for our colleagues, customers and business partners goes without saying. Treating people as equals and showing mutual respect promotes cooperation and allows us to develop - as people and as a company.

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The industrial establishment in northern Sweden – now over 300 employees

Are you curious to know how Minnovation operates in practice? Let´s take the industrial establishment in northern Sweden and Skellefteå as an example, where we currently have 250 employees.

Today we’re one of the most important suppliers of the green energy transition as we provide staffing and recruitment to our customers in the manufacturing, installation and healthcare industries. We support with all necessary community contact to get the business going and for the new employees to have the right opportunities for a permanent relocation in society.

In addition, we help our customers with various practical tasks that need to be carried out by a foreign company operating in Sweden. It can be everything from making sure that employees have Swedish bank accounts to handling questions about work environment and labor law.

Still have questions about how we work – just contact us and we can explain and discuss your case.

News Nelson Lee Employee Staff Staffing Recruitment Candidate Establishing Business Office Stockholm Minnovation 1

Meet our star Nelson!

He’s responsible for the overall service delivery to our customers for employment conditions, payroll, benefits, tax, and much more.

After more than 20 years of experience working in Human Resources, IT, and M&A across industries such as telecommunication, pharmaceutical, and consumer goods, he felt he wanted a fresh start; somewhere he could use his expertise to help people grow and succeed — which he found at Minnovation.

– The best thing about Minnovation is working with an energetic team and helping customers extend their business into the Nordics; customers from different backgrounds and industries, all with different challenges.

But all the different factors to consider can also be a challenge. Nelson explains:

– There are many rules and regulations to keep in mind when working with employment across the EU. But it challenges our knowledge and expertise, and we continue to learn and develop from it.

And just as he aims for personal growth, he aims for Minnovation to grow as well:

– My goal is to keep building competent teams and enable Minnovation’s continue growth. For anyone wanting to enter the Nordic and EU markets, we will be their first choice.

Are you interested in how we can help grow your business? Read more by clicking the links below.

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Creating social meeting rooms for our employees

– Being an employee at Minnovation is being part of something bigger. Today, we operate in nine European countries and keep growing as our collaborations expand. Every effort counts with our employees as the most important part, Jens Pihlblad, Marketing Manager.

Jens Pihlblad has been active in Skellefteå’s community for many years. Mostly with societal activities such as sports, something he describes as creating a sense of joy and togetherness, regardless of culture or background. Apart from that, he’s the Marketing Manager at Minnovation International, creating opportunities for clients to reach a sustainable and long-term supply of skills and, at the same time, develop the local

Jens Pihlblad Market manager Minnovation International Skelleftea 2– I’m passionate about creating a sense of mutual belonging in our society. One of the most important parts of my job is ensuring the quality of our process in the labor market, focusing on social integration. And of course to create collaborations that enable relocation of our employees that, in the long run, contribute to the municipalities’ increased population and growth, locally and regionally, Jens says.

Minnovation ensures the supply of skills with the foundation of creating an equation evenly distributed to socially important functions such as healthcare, industries, and growing private business — a circular chain that is sustainable and long-term. Jens explains:

– In northern Sweden today, for example, it’s difficult to find the right candidates for vacancies for local staffing companies. But with our global network, we ensure competence supply and recruitment both locally and internationally, creating opportunities and growth for our customers, Jens says and continues:

– Regardless of whether we have an employee down in Falun who moves to the northern parts of the country, it’s the same process we carry out as with someone from the rest of Europe. By creating social meeting rooms for our employees, they enter society more quickly, which creates a liking for society and culture. We do this for our employees but can also help our clients with their integration work.

You can find more information about how we can help companies and employee on the links down below.

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Proud partners of Expats and Friends!

Did you know that we’re proud partners of Expats and Friends? It’s a non-profit organization in Skellefteå, creating opportunities for both new and old locals to meet and connect.

We’ve had “fika” at the social language café, gone to hockey matches and watched the Nordic lights together. We take integration in society seriously and see it as a business-critical investment; when we succeed with that, our business will be sustainable in the long run.

Visit Expats and Friends website for more information.