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International staffing

We excel in aiding companies in their growth journey, finding the right talent through recruitment and staffing.

Local staffing

Our commitment to local staffing and recruitment excellence sets us apart.

Where international staffing gets local

Your local global HR partner

Aiding companies in their growth.

As an authorized recruitment and staffing agency, we provide collective agreements to our employees and operate throughout the Nordics, expanding across Europe. When our clients seek to establish themselves in a new country, we guide them through the initial steps, ensuring the quality of processes related to employee hiring, management, payroll, taxes, terms, and accounting.

Our capabilities extend to aiding companies in their growth by sourcing the right talent through recruitment and staffing. We support businesses with the right expertise during establishment and growth.

Operating as an international company with local roots, we locate talents wherever they may be and assist in relocation and integration. Your local global HR partner, we embody a local company with global strength.

International staffing

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International staffing

We excel in aiding companies in their growth journey, finding the right talent through recruitment and staffing. What sets us apart is our expertise in Employer of Record (EOR) services. When your business is ready to establish itself in a new country, we take the lead in ensuring a smooth transition. From quality processes related to employee hiring, management, and payroll to navigating the complexities of taxes, terms, and accounting — we’ve got you covered.

Our EOR service empowers your expansion plans

We can offer your organization...

  • Seamless Global Operations: We handle the intricacies of international expansion, providing a single point of contact for all HR-related matters.
  • Compliance Assurance: Stay confidently compliant with local employment laws, ensuring a smooth and risk-free entry into new markets.
  • Efficient Onboarding: From work permit applications to orientation programs, we streamline the onboarding process, facilitating quick and effective integration.
  • Flexible Workforce Solutions: Scale your workforce up or down with ease, adapting to the dynamic needs of your business.

Collaborating with both local and global partners, our aim is to deliver optimal EOR solutions for your business success. Trust us as your local global HR partner, and let’s embark on a journey of growth together.

Our comprehensive services include:

  • Dispatch / Personnel Outsourcing Service
  • HR Outsourcing / On-site HR Support
  • Payroll Outsourcing Service
  • Termination Support
  • Mobility Service / Work Permit Application
  • Orientation Program
  • Culture Training and Organizational Development
  • Union Relationship
  • Relocation Service
  • Corporate Housing Service
  • Transportation Service

Local staffing

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Local staffing

Local staffing and recruitment

Our commitment to local staffing and recruitment excellence sets us apart:

  • Tailored Solutions
  • Rapid Response
  • Cultural Insight
  • Network Strength

Local operations

How we enhance your local operations...

Flexibility: Our staffing solutions adapt to your changing workforce requirements, providing flexibility in scaling up or down as needed.

Efficiency: Streamlining the recruitment process, we save you time and effort, enabling a focus on your core business operations.

Local expertise, global reach: While excelling in local staffing, our global reach ensures that we can also support your international talent needs seamlessly.


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Corporate housing

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Easy living for your staff

We provide apartments and other housing to support your company’s expansion and growth in Europe.

Minnovation Housing makes it easy to find modern, affordable temporary accommodation. We offer furnished apartments and villas to companies in Sweden and other European countries.

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