question session Erman 1

Minnovation in Skellefteå had the opportunity to interview one of our employees who came to a wintry and cold northern Sweden in february 2021. How a relocation can be to northern Swedens climate from Turkey in the middle of the winter – in a pandemic.

Due to GDPR we will not print our employees name.

Question session:

How long have you been working for Minnovation in Sweden? 

– Since February in 2021, so almost two years in Skellefteå municipality.

What was it like start working in Sweden as a country? 

–  When i arrived to Sweden 2021 it was in the middle of the pandemic, so that was quite difficult. Today its easier.

What has been difficult with all the authorites? 

– Due to the Ukraine situation it has been to obtaining the second work permit, as Minnovation helped me with.

How has Minnovation worked as a support function in the new country? 

– When needed they have supported me well. Most recently Minnovation in Skellefteå helped me reopen my bank account that the bank had blocked, at first the bank told me to send an letter to Stockholm and this was on a friday. But Minnovation followed me to the bank resolved the situation for me. Very appreciated.

Do you like the nordic winter with the nordic lights? 

– Yes i really do, Unfortunately i was nog lucky enough to see full nordic lights despite spending three winters

What is the best thing with Minnovation? 

  • Providing needed documents, visa ( work permit ) and support function when needed.

Would you recommend others to work together with Minnovation? 

– Yes, I do recommend others this opportunity




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