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Relocating for a new job can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. In this article, we discuss what relocating for a job can include, how Minnovation assists throughout the process, and share some helpful tips for the best relocating and integrating experience. 

There are many reasons for relocating for work to a new city or country – a new job, lifestyle improvements, or change of career – and as the pandemic begins to decline, work relocations continue to further increase

Research shows that some of the most common industries to relocate for are health, industrialization, and tech, with nurses, engineers, and software engineers as popular positions. But relocating can be difficult. In a recent survey, it was revealed that the two most challenging factors of relocating for a new job were finding a new home and getting acclimated to the new community. 

Regardless of the reason for relocating or challenges ahead, there’s one key factor to keep in mind to make the experience as good as possible: being well-prepared. 

Relocation assistance with Minnovation

At Minnovation, we know how important it is to feel comfortable in a new home to feel comfortable at a new workplace. We take integration in society seriously, see it as a business-critical investment, and know that when we succeed with that, our business will be sustainable in the long run. For candidates, this means that we, for example, help establish a new or temporary home address and contact with authorities, municipalities, schools, and other local networks – all from the very start to enable a quick entry into society. Picture us as your support function between for institutions and companies you want and need to get in contact with. 

For companies, we provide a sustainable supply chain of recruitment and staffing, for example, by using fast-track-to-work permits to make the process as smooth as possible. We recruit with a focus on creating a sense of mutual belonging in our society and establish collaborations that enable relocations contributing to municipalities’ increased population and long-term growth. 

4 things to think about when relocating for a job

When searching for a new job, it can be exciting to think about the benefits and future it could bring for you and your family. And to make the relocation as smooth as possible, there are four things to consider: 

  • Prepare your documents 

When being in the process of relocating for a job, especially if it’s to a new country, it’s essential to have all the papers and documents in place. Hopefully, your new employer can help ease the transition, for example, by providing VISA assistance. At Minnovation, we manage the entire VISA process and have close relations with the Swedish Migration Agency to make the experience as good as possible for both candidates and companies.

  • Research your new home

As soon as you know where you’ll be moving, start searching online for different things concerning your new destination. It can be about trivial things, such as the most popular restaurants in the area, or more crucial things, such as how the school systems work – but nevertheless, it will make your new hometown a bit more familiar.  

  • Build a network in your new hometown

Becoming part of society is important when moving to a new place. Here, Minnovation’s collaboration with Expats & Friends is a good example for those moving to Skellefteå. Try finding similar local meeting forums in your new hometown, so the transition hopefully will provide you with new acquaintances and friends. 

  • Language studies

If the move has been to a new country where the language is unfamiliar, take some time to learn the essential words and phrases. If you want to take it one step further, a language course can be an excellent way to find new friends and get familiar with the culture. At Minnovation, we live after the commitment to a sustainable process of recruiting, relocating, and integrating. We are also committed to good staffing agreements, which includes collective agreements and occupational pension. 


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