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Creating social meeting rooms for our employees

– Being an employee at Minnovation is being part of something bigger. Today, we operate in nine European countries and keep growing as our collaborations expand. Every effort counts with our employees as the most important part, Jens Pihlblad, Marketing Manager.

Jens Pihlblad has been active in Skellefteå’s community for many years. Mostly with societal activities such as sports, something he describes as creating a sense of joy and togetherness, regardless of culture or background. Apart from that, he’s the Marketing Manager at Minnovation International, creating opportunities for clients to reach a sustainable and long-term supply of skills and, at the same time, develop the local

Jens Pihlblad Market manager Minnovation International Skelleftea 2– I’m passionate about creating a sense of mutual belonging in our society. One of the most important parts of my job is ensuring the quality of our process in the labor market, focusing on social integration. And of course to create collaborations that enable relocation of our employees that, in the long run, contribute to the municipalities’ increased population and growth, locally and regionally, Jens says.

Minnovation ensures the supply of skills with the foundation of creating an equation evenly distributed to socially important functions such as healthcare, industries, and growing private business — a circular chain that is sustainable and long-term. Jens explains:

– In northern Sweden today, for example, it’s difficult to find the right candidates for vacancies for local staffing companies. But with our global network, we ensure competence supply and recruitment both locally and internationally, creating opportunities and growth for our customers, Jens says and continues:

– Regardless of whether we have an employee down in Falun who moves to the northern parts of the country, it’s the same process we carry out as with someone from the rest of Europe. By creating social meeting rooms for our employees, they enter society more quickly, which creates a liking for society and culture. We do this for our employees but can also help our clients with their integration work.

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