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Meet our star Nelson!

He’s responsible for the overall service delivery to our customers for employment conditions, payroll, benefits, tax, and much more.

After more than 20 years of experience working in Human Resources, IT, and M&A across industries such as telecommunication, pharmaceutical, and consumer goods, he felt he wanted a fresh start; somewhere he could use his expertise to help people grow and succeed — which he found at Minnovation.

– The best thing about Minnovation is working with an energetic team and helping customers extend their business into the Nordics; customers from different backgrounds and industries, all with different challenges.

But all the different factors to consider can also be a challenge. Nelson explains:

– There are many rules and regulations to keep in mind when working with employment across the EU. But it challenges our knowledge and expertise, and we continue to learn and develop from it.

And just as he aims for personal growth, he aims for Minnovation to grow as well:

– My goal is to keep building competent teams and enable Minnovation’s continue growth. For anyone wanting to enter the Nordic and EU markets, we will be their first choice.

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