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Relocation Success - how to assist employees with integration

Relocation Success: 4 ways companies can assist employees with integration


Integration assistance is at the core of successful recruitment and relocation, as it benefits both employees, companies and societies in the long run. Here, we’ve gathered an overview and some tips on what companies can do to achieve a successful integration assistance process.

Companies are increasingly relying on bringing in and retaining expert workers from other cities and countries. From ensuring long-term success to simply filling a worker gap, the global mobility industry shows no sign of slowing down with 3 of 5 workers willing to relocate for work

However, relocating for work can be a challenging and overwhelming experience for employees. In addition to the stress of finding a new home and adjusting to a new environment, they may also face cultural differences and struggles to build a new support system. Here, integration assistance plays a central part in successful relocations and employee retention. 

What is integration assistance? 

Integration assistance is the strategy and resources implemented for a positive transition into a new community. It addresses the needs of both the employee and potential family members from a practical, social, and professional perspective during a relocation, often after the move has been completed. In general, it doesn’t just help the candidate experience but also comes with several business benefits: candidates with a smooth integration experience can contribute and be productive more quickly at work after a move, and are more likely to have a positive impact on the organization’s culture and overall mission. In fact, 73% of employees are more productive at work thanks to integration assistance.

How companies can achieve successful integration assistance 

Companies that provide their employees with effective integration assistance can help ease the transition and ensure their employees’ success in their new location. Here are four things companies can do to assist with the integration process:

  • Facilitate cultural integration

Understanding and joining a culture is easier said than done, but a good way to start is through language. Even though the local language is not commonly used in the workplace, it’s still key when understanding a culture. At Minnovation, we offer the ability for candidates to combine work with language studies, so the integration process runs smoothly.

  • Connect employees with local resources 

Employees who have recently relocated may not be familiar with the area and may have difficulty finding resources such as doctors, banks, and supermarkets. Companies can assist their employees by connecting them with local resources or providing them with a list of recommended service providers, saving a lot of time and stress. Minnovation collaborates with Expats & Friends, a non-profit organization in Skellefteå, creating opportunities for both new and old locals to meet and connect.

  • Support the transition of families

Relocating for work can be difficult not just for the employee but also for their family. One of the most common reasons for an employee not wanting to relocate is due to family, showing how important it is for companies to truly take care of an employee’s family.

Activating partners and providing schooling solutions for children are two of the most important parts of taking care of families. Additionally, companies can also organize events and activities that allow families to meet and connect with other families who have relocated.

  • Offering a long-term perspective

Relocating for a job often means a lot for the employee, and a long-term focus is therefore of high importance. Create the conditions needed for thriving and developing, both at work and outside work, for the employees and accompanying families. 

Feeling safe, happy and welcomed are the pillars of an effective integration process, and something every company should focus on – regardless of how far the transfer has been. At Minnovation, we take integration in society seriously and see it as a business-critical investment; when we succeed with that, our business will be even more sustainable in the long run. Read more about our integration process here.